About Me

Jennifer Dawn Watts is the Founder/CEO of Living Well Counselling Services Inc. She is also an Ordained Minister & planted two affirming faith communities based on the 12 Step model in Calgary (2012) & Los Angeles (2016). She currently speaks on podcasts/live events, hosts retreats & has recently recorded The Six Types of Emotions course with Dr. Steven Brownlow based on his 40+ years developing an emotions based understanding to human development.

Professional Credentials

I’ve completed my BA in Psychology with Distinction (University of Victoria), MA in Counselling (Providence Theological Seminary), an 18-month post-graduate personal mentorship with Dr. David G. Benner, world-renowned speaker/psychologist and author of 26 books. I founded Living Well Counselling Services Inc. in Calgary, AB & then later founded Q Faith Community, an LGBTQ friendly/12 Step inspired alternative option to those seeking to understand faith outside of a traditional church environment. Although I am amazed by where my God has taken me, the identity I feel most comfortable with is as His Beloved struggling toward Him & His Way.


Personal Journey

This is too long to cover in a quick bio, but it’s been a hard, messy road. Although I don’t know you, I have felt a great deal of pain, and because of this, I care about your pain. I have also found steps out of my own stuck-ness.

This is why I counsel, am part of Q and now speak and write. Over the years as I talked with all different kinds of people, I’ve found myself repeating many of the same things, some of the very same truths that set me free in the past over and over again. So I started speaking & writing. I sincerely hope you find one more life-giving piece that you need here, to carry you forward on your journey.

Q Faith Community

Q Faith Community started in my home in June 2012. Although it started as a response to the overt and subtle oppression toward our LGBTQ brothers & sisters in the city of Calgary Alberta it has become so much more. To find out about Q, or to attend a meeting/Skype in, please go to qfaithcommunity.com


I began my journey as a therapist by working with an organization well known in the world for their expertise in anxiety. As such, I have extensive experience in the most severe forms of anxiety disorder including GAD, panic disorder, hypochondria, social anxiety disorder and agoraphobia. Some of my other areas of strength include relationship concerns, addictions, codependency, emotionally abusive families, healing mild to moderate depression and recovery from past abuse.

Although I am speaking more, and continue to run Living Well, I do see some clients as it is absolutely work that I love. To see if I have openings, or to obtain a referral to a therapist I recommend, please go to: livingwellcounselling.ca