I offer retreats for those looking for a quiet place for rest, connect with themselves and others & enjoy all of the beauty Creation has to offer.  Retreats are typically held at King’s Fold Retreat & Renewal Centre. King’s Fold is located 35km northwest of Cochrane, Alberta Canada on 166 Acres next to Ghost River with panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains. Additional retreat dates and locations may open throughout the year, email for more information on the current retreat schedule & pricing.


A few kind words from former retreat participants:

I look back on my retreats with Jenn as a place where I could safely face into myself along with others doing the same. This has always led to a strong bond between us participants where I’ve felt understood and supported. I feel the retreats have always struck a balance between time with others, time with God and just plain rest in a beautiful and relaxing place.
— D.T.

The retreat was a wonderful time of solitude but yet connection with others. It was a place that fostered stillness to allow me to hear my Heart.  I felt safe to go through that because  I was not alone. Others were there for that same purpose and there was freedom to share as much or as little as I wanted.

— C.A.

“I had an enjoyable, relaxing and reflective time learning about myself and my Creator. It’s the perfect place to soothe minds that are overwhelmed with the demands of life and to nourish the soul. I’m so happy that I overcame my fear, stepped out in faith and attended. I am returning back to Monday work life, I feeling refreshed and grateful. Looking forward to the next one!”

— R.S.

“Conversations that matter with people who care in a setting that is the most spectacular place on Earth”

— J.B.

I found the retreat to be a very enlightening experience. The planned sessions were interesting and nothing about them felt forced or unwelcome. Jen is a talented nice person who does a fantastic job at leading and facilitating the retreat.  Kingsfold is an amazing property and the food and accommodations are first class. Even though there is an itinerary there is still a generous amount of personal time to use as you wish. If you’re looking to unplug from your hectic day to day and are exploring some of the bigger questions in life surrounding faith or your life’s purpose Id highly recommend you get out there!

— L.D.

A beautiful, quiet space for an encounter with God, fellow retreaters, and nature . A time to hear what is tugging at your heartstrings.  A place to rest.

— S.R.

I have attended a few of Jennifer’s retreats and each time I learn something new about myself. The place it’s held at is absolutely beautiful especially if you love nature. You’re always free to take time by yourself without any pressure to do the group work. Jennifer makes herself available if you need someone to process with what you’re feeling as a lot of emotions usually come out on a retreat. It is definitely a great way to invest in yourself spiritually. 

— V.E.

The retreat experience at Kingsfold with Jenn leading was inspiring, through its safe environment and encouraging an open hearted approach to my life experiences… The community of sharing and support made such an investigation and open approach seem healthy and meaningful.  Jenn’s ability to personalize sessions in specific ways further created a positive yet very ‘real’ space.  If you desire to grow, this experience should not be missed.

— J.G.

What I appreciated about past retreats, was coming in for a landing from my regular day to day routines (when to be honest, I just want to soar on past the experience), into a space where I can declutter my thoughts so that I could be receptive to being open to openness; which then allowed me to pause and see things from a different angle. 

I find in life, there isn’t too many opportunities which that can happen naturally without uncomfortable discipline; but within the time confines of the retreat, I was able to find that mindset inside a sense of comfort and support; which came from no hidden agendas, and a freedom to be fluid throughout my time there to either relate to something, or not relate to something and feel genuinely supported either way.

— S.C.

I had a lot of apprehension about going on my first retreat with Jenn as I wasn’t sure what to expect and I had some fear that perhaps I wasn’t  ready to “unplug” and spend time in communion with my soul. From the moment I stepped out of my car a sense of peace washed over me and I could feel my heart opening up. Time spent with Jenn, and the other retreatants as well as some breathtaking walks in nature all helped restore the pieces of me that had gotten lost in the busyness of my life….I am forever grateful that I didn’t let my fear keep me from this amazing experience.  I continue to go on these retreats and am always amazed at how they always get me back in touch with me.

— G.K.

*identifying information removed to protect attendee privacy