Anxiety & Panic Disorders

The length of these seminars range from 3 hours to a full weekend depending on a congregation or organization’s needs. The content can be treatment focused for a group looking for practical resources, or professional training for those in the field of mental health or church leadership. My approach stems from a combination of CBT, Psychodynamic Theory, Gestalt and Client-Centered Principles. The principles can also be applied to mild to moderate cases of stress and anxiety/depression.

Content typically includes:
» Holistic Understanding of Anxiety including Prevalent Biological Causes
» The Difference Between Anxiety vs. An Anxiety Condition
» Various Positions on the Chemical Imbalance Theory
» Short Term Strategies & Long Term Goals
» Practical Tools for Healing
» Remaining Well/Anxiety Condition Free
» Therapist Strategies*
» Case Consultation*

*professional training events only

Gottman Seven Principles Program

Dr. John Gottman is one of the leaders in marital therapy and has based his approach with couples on 40 years of research. One of the reasons most couples therapy does not work is because therapists used what they thought would be helpful for couples, rather than discovering what really makes relationships strong. Dr. Gottman became famous after using his research to be able to predict with over 93% accuracy if a couple would divorce. Since then Dr. Gottman has used his information to help couples avoid tactics of the “Disasters” and become “Masters” in relationship through couples therapy and training seminars.

The Seven Principles Program is an innovative way for couples to strengthen their relationships and, importantly, learn new scientifically grounded tools that work in helping couples navigate tough gridlocked issues, and repair after arguments.

Speaker Imagery/Taking Notes - Jenn Watts

This course is appropriate for those simply wanting to strengthen their relationship, and also those facing tough times in their relationship. It is a valuable as a companion to premarital counselling as well.

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I offer a limited number of seminars each year. To work together to host an event, please fill out the contact form located in the Speaking section of this website & either myself or a staff member will contact you regarding availability.